Make your health a priority.

make a fresh start in life

Healthy habits don’t have to be hard to get into. With nutrition and lifestyle counseling, Chinese medicine, and hair and makeup services, you can tune into your body and learn what it needs to function at its highest level.

what’s included:

look better

Build confidence and a positive self image with special occasion prep, professional hairstyling, and makeup services.

feel better

Learn how Eastern medicine, including cupping, gua sha massage, and acupuncture (with or without needles) can help relieve tension, fatigue, anxiety, and pain.

be better

Meet your goals and feel better than ever with customized nutrition, diet, and lifestyle advice from our health coach.

free with every experience:

  • A selection of light snacks and desserts. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.
  • Choose from complimentary champagne, sparkling apple cider, or sparkling water.
  • All services can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home, Airbnb, or vacation rental. No traffic to worry about and no hidden travel fees!

get a handle on your nutrition with our top 10 superfoods and #mealprep tips

#1 – Choose simple, fresh ingredients

When you can, opt out of preserved, processed foods and add more fresh superfoods in your daily diet.

#2 – Go straight to the source

Just as going to the farmers’ market is your best bet for fresh produce, visiting is the best way to learn about the latest nutrition recommendations.

#3 – Get an oil change

According to Harvard, olive oil is a better replacement for butter or margarine in many recipes.

#4 – Incorporate herbal remedies

As a supplement to a healthy diet plan, Chinese medicine offers many additional health benefits.

#5 – Eat your spinach

Leafy greens like spinach are low in calories and high in all kinds of vitamins and minerals.

#6 – Shop with a list

Never go to the store empty-handed. Besides a reusable tote–a must!–take a shopping list to the grocery store so you won’t be tempted to fill up the cart with impulse buys.

#7 – Restore good bacteria

Probiotics may be the hottest thing in health at the moment, but they’re not just a passing trend.

#8 – Give plant-based living a try

Make #MeatlessMondays a thing in your household with easy vegan and vegetarian recipes and inspiration. Give this vegan chorizo gumbo recipe a try and see if you ever go back to animal-based proteins.

#9 – Detox with more than just juice.

While you’ll hear plenty of friends on social media endorse juice cleanses, there’s more you can do for your body without giving up solids for a week!

#10 – Talk to an expert

Everyone’s dietary needs are different. We offer health coaching to give you individually tailored advice that suits your body and your goals.