mother/daughter day

Get some quality time with your #1 cheerleader.

reunite & reconnect

Moms: this is your chance to reconnect with your daughters. No phones, no obligations, no distractions. Whether she’s 13 or 30, you can take care of your relationship with activities that will allow you to grow together.

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what’s included:

look better

Build confidence and positive self images together with special occasion prep, professional hairstyling, and makeup services.

feel better

Learn how Eastern medicine, including cupping, gua sha massage, and acupuncture (with or without needles) can help relieve tension, fatigue, anxiety, and pain.

be better

Get into new healthy habits as a team when you meet with a health coach to discuss diet, nutrition, and health goals.

free with every experience:

  • A selection of light snacks and desserts. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.
  • Choose from complimentary champagne, sparkling apple cider, or sparkling water.
  • All services can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home, Airbnb, or vacation rental. No traffic to worry about and no hidden travel fees!

mother knows best: 10 ways to strengthen bonds

#1 – Keep in contact 

Whether your daughter is six or sixteen, check-ins throughout the day encourage openness in your relationship.

#2 – Make it an everyday thing

Make everyday special when you look for opportunities to spend time together and make memories.

#3 – Have a spa night

It can be homemade masks or professional mani-pedis, enjoy being pampered when you and your daughter do a spa night.

#4 – Go on an adventure

Take a road trip together! Experience brand new sights together for a short weekend, just the two of you.

#5 – Work up a sweat

Healthy habits start early! Exercising as a pair is a fun way to spend time together and an even better way to stay fit.

#6 – Try something new

Something about making fools of yourselves makes new experiences unforgettable. If you’ve never tried out something like yoga, this is a great opportunity to test yourself without a judgmental crowd.

#7 – Stay home

You don’t have to go anywhere to have a good time! See this Pinterest board full of fun things to do at home.

#8 – Read together

With just a twenty minute story every night, make reading a habit for your relationship with your daughter. Later on, moms with grown daughters can join a book club together or even just meet up monthly to discuss their latest reads!

#9 – Cook together

Learn about healthy cooking from our health coach and then prep a meal together! It’ll be just as fun to make it as it will be delicious to eat.

#10 – Learn together

Ever had an itch to take a class at the local art center or learn about Chinese medicine? This is your chance to teach and be taught, maybe in equal measures!