plastic surgery post-op recovery

Recover the natural way.

recover in style

Let yourself recover the natural way, with Chinese medicine and techniques, hair and makeup services, and expert health coaching.

what’s included:

look better

Build confidence and a positive self image with special occasion prep, professional hairstyling, and makeup services.

feel better

Learn how Eastern medicine, including cupping, gua sha massage, and acupuncture (with or without needles) can help relieve tension, fatigue, anxiety, and pain.

be better

Meet your goals and feel better than ever with customized nutrition, diet, and lifestyle advice from our health coach.

free with every experience:

  • A selection of light snacks and desserts. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.
  • Choose from complimentary champagne, sparkling apple cider, or sparkling water.
  • All services can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home, Airbnb, or vacation rental. No traffic to worry about and no hidden travel fees!

don’t forget these 10 things to do after surgery

#1 – Take it easy

Move a little, not a lot. With your doctor’s permission, we can create custom itineraries for you while you recover post operation. Get a head start on the new you with bespoke no-impact, healing-friendly workouts and health coaching. Read more advice from an experienced surgeon.

#2 – Go somewhere beautiful

If you’re worried about some post-op cabin fever, give yourself a change of scenery. If you have a hotel or Airbnb in mind, we can send our expert providers straight to you for simple exercises, nutrition, and more.

#3 – Stay away from stress

Your body has been through a lot. Give your mind and body a break while you recover by sticking with comfortable, relaxing activities.

#4 – Self-improvement from the inside out

Do you get your best thinking done in savasana? Treat your recovery like an intense mediation and grow your mind and spirit while laying in bed. Mindfulness, something you can even learn on an app, is the perfect trait to cultivate while you heal.

#5 – Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Aftercare is very important to the success of your operation. Be sure to follow directions given by your doctor and other healthcare providers to a T so you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

#6 – Recover with a friend

Before making an appointment with your doctor, consider doing it with a friend! If you’re going to be recovering for a couple of days, it’ll be more fun if you have someone to pass the time with.

#7 – Enjoy your time off

Complement your recent updates with hair and makeup from our dedicated providers. Whenever you’re ready, you can select a service to help you celebrate your full recuperation.

#8 – Watch for side effects

Getting in touch with your body has added benefits while you are recovering. If you notice aches, pains, swelling, or other abnormalities, contact your doctor immediately.

#9 – Start new habits

This is a great opportunity for a fresh start. Get a head start on your nutrition and diet by working with our health coach.

#10 – Get an expert’s opinion

Did you know South Florida has many of the world’s best plastic surgeons? Between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach, some of the most highly esteemed surgeons call this beautiful stretch of coast their home. Take home a bit of glamor when you choose cosmetic surgery and recovery in South Florida.